my name is TIE SIMPSON.

Mostly known in the digital space as Hippie Heathen, I started my yoga and wellness journey on IG in 2013 after stumbling across a man in these crazy, but cool looking "shapes", and that was the beginning of whole new reality for me. That man was Sri Dharma Mitra and those "shapes" became more than just poses. They became my lifestyle. Over the last 4 years have built an online presence + influence by sharing the knowledge I've acquired through trainings, education, and personal wisdoms learned through my own personal #JourneyToSelf through yoga and universal enlightenment. In addition to yoga and wellness, I also share content on self-care/love, expression, empowerment, and raising conscious and compassionate children.

I've been able to connect with, help, and inspire thousands, simply by being open, raw, and real about what I have personally learned and experienced while seeking the very best version of myself. I try my very best to create and teach from a space of actually BEing a yogi, and LIVING yoga, as a lifestyle, not just as a career.


Aside from staying committed to my ever-evolving journey to self-discovery, I'm in the process of morphing this authentically cultivated brand into a full-time career, on and offline. Now, as a Creative Entrepreneur, I rock many hats on top of my pretty amazing fro:

  • Certified International Traveling Yoga Instructor
  • Host of the As Above So Below Podcast
  • Creative Artist (combining art, yoga, wellness, and expression through photography and cinematography)
  • Writer/Content Creator

  • Wellness + Lifestyle Blogger/Influencer

  • Mother of two hippie-go-lucky kiddos (Shhh, don't tell them I mentioned them last.)

When I'm not mommy-ing, traveling, teaching yoga, yelling into a microphone, working + building BTS, or in front of a camera shooting, I'm sitting behind my laptop creating content JUST. FOR. YOU! I'm so nice, right?! LOL! :)  Ultimately, we ALL desire to live a life that feels authentic and free; to be able to walk unapologetically in our truth! Sometimes, we just need a little nudge along the way.



My passion and purpose is to promote self-growth, mindfulness and well-being. By empowering you to take your own personal "Journey to Self", you'll learn to silence the outside noise, look inward, and find your happy, authentic, whole selves.

Here on hippieheathen.com, you can read my content, watch my videos, listen to my podcast, and experience my retreats + events- all focused on empowering and evolving: mentally, physically, and spiritually.

The goal is to BE present, dedicated, intentional, and loyal... to YOURSELF! 

Journeying through life one day at a time, I'm walking in my truth; unapologetically me.