Havana, Cuba 2017

Havana, Cuba 2017

Guess who made the cover of BFW Magazine?!


And it's HEREEEE!!! 😍🤗❤️ The secret is out! I'm so very honored and grateful for the opportunity to grace the cover of @blackfitnesswomen magazine @bfwmagazine !! When they asked me, I was like..."Really?!? Me?" Lol! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! And of course no one other than @BRIANDWAYNEcaptured the incredible images for the Cover Story!

EXCERPT: "I remember being younger and absolutely HATINGGG the color of my skin and my kinky hair. When I was growing up, there was NO REPRESENTATION for dark black girls to love their skin. To me, black skin was NOT beautiful, and was NOT something to be celebrated.
Skin bleaches and creams were rampant in the 80’s and 90’s, and others just suffered in silence *raises hand* .
As I got older, I had to grow very thick armor to protect myself against projected self-hate. Fast forward to now....when I have this OVERWHELMING JOY in my heart for brown + black skin and kinky hair!!! To believe and feel it in my SOUL!! To see myself so many years later, choosing to bake in the sun because I literally love the darker shades of my skin.... It's UNREAL! So yes, when I make the very intentional effort to display my very black skin as a badge of honor, know that it took me a loooong time to get here. To love me. To accept me.
To celebrate my blackness. I refuse to let another day go by without me crowning this Melanin!"

Check out the FULL COVER STORY HERE and get your digital or print copy today!