Hips+Heart Soul Flow- w/Tie Simpson

Hips+Heart Soul Flow- w/Tie Simpson


What if, rather than allowing resentment, fear, and ego to direct the flow of your life, I challenge you to lead with the heart, flow with the breath, and connect to your higher-vibrating-selves?

Join me as we flow through 90 min of juicy hip and heart openers to the sounds of our breath and soul soothing tunes. We will close out with a guided meditation. Let’s intentionally give ourselves permission to shed what no longer serves us while connecting more to the expansion of our hearts... let’s allow the light in, shall we?

Meet me on the mat, where we will release, expand, and evolve... together.

*This class is suitable for ALL levels, and will work on building strength and flexibility in the spine (back) and hips. 

You assume the responsibility for your purchase, and no refunds will be issued.


678 HART ST 1B, BROOKLYN, NY 11221

(Location WAS Prospect Park but was change due to expecting weather)