Rooted In Power Flow- w/ DJ Townsel

Rooted In Power Flow- w/ DJ Townsel


There's two internal battles every human goes through at some point our lives: feeling grounded/safe in our environment, and struggling to harness our inner-power.

For 75 min, we will explore strong standing, balancing and core-strengthening asanas, followed by guided meditation. This flow is designed to give you a renewed sense of grounded security, allowing you to unlock the fire that lies dormant within. 

Everyone deserves to realize what their mind, body, and spirit are capable of. Join me... root yourself in your ethereal power.

*This class is open to ALL levels and will challenge you with the asanas we tend to neglect; help harness the balance we desire; and release the power that we all possess.

You assume the responsibility for your purchase, and no refunds will be issued.


678 HART ST 1B, BROOKLYN, NY 11221

(Location WAS Prospect Park but was change due to expecting weather)